Rehabilitating the community and its seniors


In Lebu and Los Álamos in the south of Chile, there are a high number of senior citizens living in vulnerable situations due to poverty, neglect, and health problems brought on by disabilities. We introduce ways to improve their quality of life through providing training in healthcare and disease prevention to relatives and caretakers.

Our regional partner is Hogar de Cristo.


While laden with experience and stories, many senior citizens in Chile live in situations of neglect, poverty, and/or exclusion. Moreover, some of them have some kind of disability or high levels of dependency, while their caregivers or family members have little knowledge of healthcare and disease prevention. Teams of local counselors from the PADAM, Programa de Atención Domiciliaria del Adulto Mayor (Home Care for the Elderly Program), from Hogar de Cristo in Lebu and Los Alamos have also experienced challenges in delivering optimal service to seniors with higher dependency levels due to the lack of an interdisciplinary team of professionals who can support their work.


Through the work of two volunteer professionals, we contribute to improving the health of the senior population through the development of a training and learning program for caretakers, the PADAM team in Lebú and Los Álamos, and community workers that are trained in healthcare and disease prevention.


In this project we directly work with 50 seniors, 20 staff members from nursing homes, and 5 community leaders.

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