Strengthening us together: skills to rehabilitate


In the Amigos de Jesús Home, children and youth with disabilities grow stronger through their rehabilitation services. But they are not alone. Their families and caretakers are right alongside them. Together we learn important skills to support them, aware that they are a key part of the process. Our regional partner is the Amigos de Jesús Home.


Currently, the caretakers and families of users of the Home do not have the necessary training to support their rehabilitation. When added to the physical and emotional stress and the absence of support networks for their social integration, this has prevented users from receiving a comprehensive rehabilitation.


In this project, we aim to increase the autonomy to the users of the Amigos de Jesús Home. Our volunteer professionals work together with the regional partner to provide caretakers and family members with knowledge and techniques for their daily care. They are also creating and motivating spaces for self-care for families to reduce the physical and emotional stress, and they are supporting the creation of social and community networks that help in the integration process of the users of the rehabilitation center.


With the objective of providing a comprehensive rehabilitation to the users of the Home, this project will directly benefit 24 members of the Home’s families and caretakers, specifically 14 family members and 10 caretakers.

volunteers involved