#TodosxHaití: reflections at campaign close

Haiti was brutally hit by Hurricane Matthew, the largest since 1954. According to government statistics, an estimated 2.1 million people were affected, which represents over 12% of the country. Of these 2 million, 894.057 are children.

Based on past experiences with natural disasters in Haiti, we anticipated a critical health situation and increase in illnesses, specifically cholera and respiratory diseases. Based on Unicef statistics, over 4 million children could be affected by hurricane damage.

Given this complex scenario, as America Solidaria, we couldn’t just stand by! The desolating images motivated us to mobilize and initiate the TodosxHaití campaign, which involved thousands of people from around the world! We worked as a team around 3 unique goals: provide drinking water to the community of Boutin, provide sanitation kits in Boutin and Okay to prevent the spread of cholera, and hire an orthopedist in Okay to replace the prosthetics lost during the hurricane.

In a matter of days, we used all of the support we received to purchase supplies for the kits, such as soap, detergent, water purification tablets, toilet paper, chlorine, buckets, etc. Trucks full of thousands of liters of drinking water were constantly sent to Boutin to provide this basic but scarce resource in the area to 3500 families. Day after day, our executive team and volunteers in the field came together to prepare and distribute sanitation kits. Week after week, people from countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, and from different communications professions, lent a hand to improve our campaign. Finally, we started getting results.

Today, the only thing left to do is thank everyone who donated, mobilized their families and friends, shared our photos, videos and briefs on the activities we were carrying out, and all the professionals who gave their time and knowledge to help us with the design, editing, photos and videos, and to everyone who helped in the field with a smile on their face.

To all those who came together in this massive wave of solidarity, we want to let you know that in the next few days we will be issuing an expense report where you can find the final figures of the TodosxHaití campaign.