UN recognizes the importance and value of volunteering to meet the Sustainable Development Goals


In the initiative signed by 124 nations, the United Nations officially congratulates all volunteers, and encourages governments to collaborate and invest in measuring the scale and contribution of volunteering.

On December 17, the UN adopted a resolution in which it recognizes and values ​​the importance of volunteer work and its role as an engine of change in the Sustainable Development Goals, also assessing the role of technologies and communications as innovative extensions. In addition, the Global Technical Meeting was established with the theme “Reimagining volunteering for the 2030 Agenda” as a special event in the High-Level Political Forum to be held in New York in 2020.

For America Solidaria, volunteers are a fundamental pillar in our work of overcoming child poverty in our region. We are convinced we can have a society in which all children and adolescents have the possibility of being happy, are treated with affection and respect, and are part of the decisions that affect them. Clara Amor, an Argentine volunteer in Uruguay, highlights the work from her experience: “I am here as a volunteer because I believe in international exchanges for the good of children. I feel a need for social justice for Latin America and to expand my personal and professional boundaries. I believe that I can contribute from a small corner of it.”

The role of volunteering in the organization is to work together with communities to overcome poverty and exclusion of children and adolescents through our causes, motivated by the vision that no child or adolescent is harmed in America. Lina Bocanegra, a Colombian volunteer in the United States, says that the spark to be a volunteer in América Solidaria is to “work hand in hand with communities where there is a great opportunity to learn and enhance each other’s skills; what generates a positive impact on society.” For us, the well-being of America’s children can not be postponed.