In our hands: Let’s be the first generation to overcome poverty

(Español) Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) nos desafían, como sociedad civil, a dejar de ser espectadores ‘indignados’ y pasar a ser partícipes coherentes y comprometidos.

In August 2015, almost a year ago today, on the eve of the approval of the international agenda for Sustainable Development, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, extended a concrete invitation: “We can be the first generation to put an end to global poverty and the last generation to prevent the worst consequences of global warming before it is too late.”

In September last year, we commented that the UN countries had committed to new global development goals known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), giving continuity and expanding the Millennium Development Goals launched between 2000 and 2015.

At América Solidaria, we began a reflection of these goals (see what we specifically did here) and today, with the SDGs approved and integrated into the national agenda, we wanted to update this document: this is a living document whose purpose is simply to kick start conversations, debates, reflections and proposals about the roads that lead to sustainable development.

“To Civil Society, its communities and organizations, we have a commitment to get involved, to stop being simple ‘passive’ critics or ‘outraged’ bystanders and start being coherent participants where the struggle for social justice is reflected in our behavior, in our value choices and in our personal decisions. As Hessel would say, it is critical that we move away from the ‘outrage and towards commitment,’ and these 17 goals present a spectacular opportunity to do so,” reflected Benito Baranda, Executive President of America Solidaria.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS BOOKLET (Spanish only – Click to download)